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Edgesmith - Bordering Perfection

ASPL Ltd is changing its name to Edgesmith. Why? Because we feel it is time for a new look and a new name to match the new direction we want to take the fence and gate industry. We’re tired of fences and gates not getting their due respect, tired of seeing all other aspects of a build receive extensive thought and consideration down to the very last drain pipe and bathroom tap. Yet the humble fence which has kept generation after generation safe and sound, and grown from a simple barrier to a structure that can represent style and status, still struggles to receive the attention it deserves. Well, we are slamming our fist down on the table to bring the focus back to the simple yet necessary achitecture that makes its way around the edges of our properties. From design to access and control, Edgesmith is where a new attitude towards bordering perfection begins.

Our name change will be official as of the 1st November 2016. Should you have any concerns around this change please contact us at, by phone on 09 427 4980, or for accounts enquiries please contact us at

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As Edgesmith we have simple goals. We will provide you with the best quality products on the market, supported by unsurpassed service and technical support. We will create a digital hub where everything you need is right at your finger tips, from fencing design and technical specs, to hardware, automation and access control. Purchase online, anytime, at the right price for quick delivery to your site. We are all about saving you time and money so that you can spend more on the things you love most. Stage 1 of our new website will be accessible from the 23rd November, be prepared for something extraordinary!

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Our biggest goal though is to inspire you! We want to bring fencing to the forefront of the building process and line the streets with graceful and sympathetically designed perimeter architecture that also meets the functional needs of providing safety and protection. We will back this up with innovative engineering to ensure ease of installation at a price point that hits the mark for every project.

We are on a journey to create a movement where perimeter architecture is respected, prioritised and admired, and we welcome you to join our tribe.

Yours sincerely
Gareth Knight

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